Apprentice Tutor

Level 1 Certification

Prior Certifications: Information on previously applied for and obtained ACTP certifications

Coaching Experience: Documentation that includes the hours and types of coaching. Documentation may include system reports, session logs, supervisor letter etc.)
Training Topics: Please see a  detailed list of required topics in the PDF checklist above. Documentation may include proof of conference session attendance, training course syllabus, workshop proof of attendance etc.
Reference Letter(s): A letter from a supervisor or someone familiar with your academic coaching practice. The letter should speak to your coaching skills, experience and professionalism.

Three PDF documents are required for the application. A single PDF for each: Coaching Experience, Training Topics, and Reference Letter. If your reference letter includes proof of your coaching or training hours, please add the letter separately in each area that it applies.

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Fill out the application form below. You will be prompted to upload your documentation after completing the form. A confirmation email will be sent upon submission.

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Contact Information: Information about you and your professional enviroment.

PreCertification Information: Information about your background in certification and your goals in seeking certification.

Certification Type: All certifications are valid for a 3-year period from the date of approval. Renewal certifications must be submitted before the end of the initial certification period.

Tutoring Experience:Please check all tutoring experiences that you have engaged in, and for which you will provide documentation. Documentation includes appointment system reports, session documentation, or letter from supervisor specifying type and hours tutored.

Training: 10 hours of training within the last 3 years that covers any required (*) and any additional topics as noted for each level. If you are applying for a Level 2 or 3 without prior level(s) active ACTP certification, you must meet and provide documentation for all prior certification level requirements.

Level 1 Topics: 10 hours of training that covers all required (*), and a selection of at least 2 additional topics. All three groups must be represented.

Supporting Documentation: A single PDF per documation type. See the Checklist and Instructions at the top of the page for help.