The ACTP offers different certification pathways for academic coaches and tutors to assist in professional development and innovative practices for our members.

Tutoring Certifications

Tutor and Tutor Trainer certifications provide guidelines with which to explore the philosophy and application of tutoring. The ACTP certification demonstrates that individuals have engaged in developing skills and strategies aligned with best practices. Practical tutoring and training skills, a professional practice, and knowledge of underlying theory all support facilitation of learning for students and tutors.

Coaching Certifications

Academic Coach and Peering Coaching Program Certifications provide individuals and institutions with topics and guidelines to form the foundational knowledge needed to be successful in the field. Training topics for all certifications are centered around the five core competencies of coaching: Fundementals, Screening and Orientation, Approaches for Individuals, Assessments, and Ethical and Professional practices.

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Tutor Certificates

Tutor certification requirements include tutor experience, training and recommendations. Tutor training topics are aligned with best practices, and include not only a focus on practical skills, but professional practice and underlying theory, which provide a basis for ongoing independent development and learning.

The ACTP certification demonstrates to students, staff, faculty, parents, and university officials the recipient has:

  • Met standardized training requirements
  • Obtained practical tutoring experience
  • Demonstrated application of tutoring skills
  • Awareness of professional and ethical practices
  • Commitment to continuing education and dedication to the tutoring field

ACTP offers three levels of certification

Level I – Apprentice Tutor requirements provide opportunities to develop an understanding of foundational principles, theories and ethics for a collaborative tutor practice, and core skills to facilitate a successful tutorial.

Apprentice Tutor

$ 20 3 year period
  • 10 Hours of Training
  • 25 Hours of Experience
  • 1 Recommendation Letter
  • ACTP Membership

Level II – Advanced Tutor requirements provide opportunities for more in-depth exploration of theories and principles that can inform strategies and approaches to meet the specific needs of the tutee and promote independent learning. 

Advanced Tutor

$ 30 3 year period
  • 20 Hours of Training
  • 50 Hours of Experience
  • 1 Recommendation Letter
  • ACTP Membership

Level – III Master Tutor requirements provide opportunities for advanced understanding, and ability to apply theories, skills and knowledge in a specialized area.

Master Tutor

$ 40 3 year period
  • 30 Hours of Training
  • 75 Hours of Experience
  • 2 Recommendation Letters
  • ACTP Membership

Recertification for all levels requires an additional 5 hours of training and 10 hours of experience

Qualifying Activities and Documentation


Each level of certification requires 10 hours of training in three areas: Professional Practice, Theory & Domains, Practical Application.

Acceptable training documentation includes: Attendance/completion certificates, transcript, or other documentation of content and hours for courses, trainings, seminars, webinars, workshops or ACTP Annual Conference session attendance.

List of Training Topics

Tutoring Experience

Each level of certification requires 25 hours of tutoring contact with tutees.

Acceptable tutoring experience documentation includes: Tutor logs, center scheduling reports, or other documentation of hours for individual, group or synchronous online tutoring, or in-class tutoring assistance


Each level of certification requires letter(s) of recommendation speaking to the tutor's capabilities and experience.

Acceptable reference(s) include: A supervisor, ACTP Tutor Trainer, or other individual that has trained/observed/ supervised you and your tutoring practice.

Certification Process


Become a Member

From our membership page or when you purchase your certification application. If you are already a member, login or reset your password here


Download and review:

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Gather Relevant Documentation

Justification of training and experience as well as any references required. Please contact the Certification Chair with questions about requirements or documentation.


Purchase and Submit Application

Select the appropriate certification level, fill out the required information, and upload supporting documentation.


Application Review

Your application will be reviewed by ACTP Certification Committee members. You may be contacted to clarify information on your application or documentation. In some cases, you may be asked to provide additional documentation. The review process typically takes 3-5 weeks.


Receive Your Certification!

Once the review process is complete, you will receive an email communication of the committee’s decision. If approved, the email will include a digital certificate that you can print.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each application will be reviewed by 3 ACTP certified Master Tutor Trainers and/or the ACTP tutor certification coordinator. 

The certification for all levels is valid for a 3-year period. 

The certification process requires logging into our member area. If you need help retrieving your log in credentials, please go here.

Recertifications should be submitted 3 – 6 months before the expiration of your current certification. 

Recertifications will be accepted up to 3 months after the expiration of the current certification. In this instance, the effective date of the recertification will be retroactive to uninterrupted certification status.

Yes, however, all prior level certification requirements must be met and documentation submitted

Individuals may apply for a higher level of certification at any time during an active certification period.

The new certification level will be valid for 3 years.

If you have questions about the certification process or need clarification, please contact us.


Alternatively, if you plan on attending our Annual ACTP Conference, there are a couple of opportunities to learn more about and assist you in the certification process. A session to learn more about requirements and documentation is always scheduled during the conference. In addition, there will be additional opportunities to consult one-on-one with a certification committee member.

Training Topics

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Tutoring and the Tutor Role*

ACTP Tutor Ethics and*


Responsibilities & Documentation

Responding to Difficult Students


Learning Preferences

Critical Thinking

Goal Setting & Planning*

Beginning & Ending a Tutorial*

Communicating & Active Listening*

Engaging the Learner & Checking for Understanding *

Providing Feedback*


Resources & Referrals

Tutor Certification Chair

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