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Apply for Certification in 4 steps

Step 1

Review Your Application Materials

Step 2

Prepare Documents for Upload

Step 3

Pay Certification Application Fees

Step 4

Fill out the Application Form

Step 1: Review Your Application Materials

Prior Certifications: Information on previously applied for and obtained ACTP certifications

Coaching Experience: Documentation that includes the hours and types of coaching. Documentation may include system reports, session logs, supervisor letter etc.)
Training Topics: Please see a  detailed list of required topics in the PDF checklist above. Documentation may include proof of conference session attendance, training course syllabus, workshop proof of attendance etc.
Reference Letter(s): A letter from a supervisor or someone familiar with your tutoring practice. The letter should speak to your tutoring skills, experience and professionalism.


Step 2: Prepare Documents for Upload

Three PDF documents are required for the application. A single PDF for each: Coaching Experience, Training Topics, and Reference Letter. If your reference letter includes proof of your coaching or training hours, please add the letter separately in each area that it applies.

Step 3: Pay Certification Application Fees

Click the button below to purchase the Certification Application. 

If you have already purchased the application are returning to complete your application please ensure that you are logged in.

Step 4: Complete the Application Form

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