It is ACTP’s mission to provide opportunities for academic coaches, tutors, peer coaches, tutor trainers, program coordinators, faculty members, and administrators to develop and enhance skills through the sharing of methods and strategies. Tutor and Tutor Trainer certifications fulfill this mission by providing guidelines with which to explore the philosophy and application of tutoring.

Tutor Certification

Tutor certification requirements include tutor experience, training and recommendations. Tutor training topics are aligned with best practices, and include not only a focus on practical skills, but professional practice and underlying theory, which provide a basis for ongoing independent development and learning.

Tutor Certification Requirements

Apprentice Advanced Master
Hours of Training 10 20 30
Hours of Experience 25 50 75
Supervisor Recommendations 1 1 2
ACTP Membership Required Required Required
Certification Fee $20 $30 $40

Requirement Explinations

Hours of Training

Training can come from a variety of sources; tutor development courses, workshops, seminars, webinars, conference sessions, tutor orientation events, and Annual ACTP conference session attendance*

Hours of Experience

Tutoring can take a variety of forms; individual, group, online synchronous, or in-class tutoring assistance.

A sample log file can be found here.

Supervisor Recommendations

One letter must be from a direct supervisor or trainer who has first-hand knowledge or observation of your tutoring or tutor training practice

The supervisor evaluation form can be found here.

ACTP Membership

ACTP Membership is acquired through one of two methods:

1) Attendance at the yearly conference confers membership for one year from the conference date.
2) Membership can be purchased directly through our membership page.

Certification Fees

Fees must be paid before the application can be completed. Fee payments may be done through paypal from the certification page.

Steps to Certification


Become a Member

From our membership page. If you are already a member, login or reset your password here.


Download and review:

Tutor Certification Information & Worksheet or Tutor Trainer Certification Information & Worksheet (hyperlinks to PDF’s of worksheets)


Gather Relevant Documentation

Please contact the Certification Chair (link that triggers email) with questions about requirements or documentation.


Purchase and Submit Application

Select the appropriate certification level, fill out the required information, and upload supporting documentation.


Application Review

Your application will be reviewed by ACTP Certification Committee members. You may be contacted to clarify information on your application or documentation. In some cases, you may be asked to provide additional documentation. The review process typically takes 3-5 weeks.


Receive Your Certification!

Once the review process is complete, you will receive an email communication of the committee’s decision. If approved, the email will include a digital certificate that you can print.

Training Topic Descriptions

Possible Focal Points
Tutoring and the Tutor Role
Tutoring defined, Tutoring vs Teaching, Directives vs non-Directive Tutoring
ACTP Tutor Ethics and Philosophy
Link to ACTP Ethics Guidelines
Responsibilities and Documentation
Schedule management, session documentation, employment responsibilities and documentation, mandatory reporting in higher education.
Responding to Difficult Students
The under prepared student, chronic no-show, the reluctant student, overwhelmed students, when to end a session or seek assistance.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about the certification process or need clarification, please contact us.

Alternatively, if you plan on attending our Annual ACTP Conference (hyperlink to ACTP conference page), there are a couple of opportunities to learn more about and assist you in the certification process. A session to learn more about requirements and documentation is always scheduled during the conference. In addition, there will be additional opportunities to consult one-on-one with a certification committee member.

Interested in Bulk Certifications?

For tutoring programs that wish to certify multiple tutors simultaneously:

Purchase memberships, pay certification fees, and fill out a single supervisor recommendation form.

With EACH of your tutors, review the certification worksheet (hyperlink) and provide the tutor with supporting documentation or access to supporting documentation for training and tutoring hours.

You will be provided registration codes for each of your tutors along with instructions for beggining the submission process. Ask each of your tutors to submit their own individual application with the supporting documentation form through

Ready to Apply?

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Christine Andrews

Tutoring Certification Chair

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